Ecology & Environment

ecologia e ambiente

Respect for the environment and a reduction of our environmental impact is core to our Company’s vision, and has been for a long time

Our environmental policy focuses on the correct origin of the raw materials, the reduction of waste, recycling and, not least, the awareness of it by our employees.
Since 2013 we have chosen to print all our entire production with ink and varnish environmentally-friendly, vegetable base,
independently from the final market destination.
Still maintaining high quality of our production, this choice has been widely appreciated by our customers, with whom we have
shared this additional attention to the environment.
We have been improving our processes and equipment for a long time to progress in these aspects.
Environmental issues are at the top of our priorities and we develop new solutions based on it.
In reference to this, we have been awarded the following strict certifications: SFC and PEFC.

For the responsible management of forest resources


ecologia e ambiente

Eco-print è una delle prime certificazioni di processo di stampa a basso impatto ambientale. Ha lo scopo di proporre delle linee guida per le Aziende Grafiche che vogliono ridurre gli impatti della propria attività di stampa sull’ambiente, fornendo uno standard chiaro e verificabile. Lo Standard Eco-print considera l’intero ciclo produttivo a partire dalle materie prime utilizzate come carta e inchiostri, alla stampa vera e propria, fino alle finiture e agli imballaggi e trasporti del prodotto finito.