Well-being of people

People’s wellbeing

Company’s wellbeing

Our company is constantly committed into investing in the professional growth of its team, being aware that the key to valorize its talents lies in quality training.

In the course of the years, on top of strengthening the technical skills of our members of staff, we have also introduced an innovative development program based on soft skills, integrated in the Organizational Wellbeing project. Our activities include team building, inter-departmental awareness and moments of sharing of one’s free time. They have shaped a unique team spirit that keep on guiding us towards our success.

  • 718Hours/year of technical training
  • 336Hours / year of soft skill training
Labanti&Nanni people

Work life Balance

To favor an ever greater work – private life balance, we offer our employees flextime and the possibility of adopting lean work methodologies whenever possible. In this perspective, we assure also advantageous working conditions by the means of 2nd level contract negotiation.

With the aim of further stabilizing our team and increasing their skills, we have moved from temporary workers to direct hirings in production. This allows us to create a stronger and sustainable work environment for all our collaborators.


Labanti and Nanni puts people at the center concretely through company welfare plans and incentivizing the sharing of intents. We believe that a close team is what makes our company unique and this, in its turn, gives value to our projects. Working from home, the implementation of a welfare plan and of team building activities are only some of the solutions we have implemented for our colleagues’ wellbeing.

But we do not want to stop here. We incentivize communication among all company levels to be closer and closer and proud of our work.

  • 9,5Average of non-compulsory training per employee
  • 631Annual hours working from home


Our company philosophy is based on transparency and integrity. We recognize the value of your voice and we believe that sharing crucial information can lead to an ethical and healthy working environment.

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